All about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program: 4 Hours

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All about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program: 4 Hours

The RNIP is one of the most exciting new immigration programs from recent times due to its’ focus on matching communities with immigrants!

In this CPD event, RCIC Kyle Broda discussed this program with Don Curry, a North Bay RCIC who specializes in the RNIP AND we were joined by Patricia Carr, the Coordinator of the North Bay RNIP!

Localised immigration programs are the future!

If this is an area you are interested in, come join us for this event!


Event Date: This live webinar was conducted on October 5 2020 from 14:50 to 19:00 (Eastern Time).

There was a total of 4 hours of live, interactive webinar time.

These webinars have now expired for ICCRC CPD purposes, but can still be helpful for your general RCIC education! Here are the recording and expiry dates.


Cost: $120 for this webinar video or part of our CPD Bundle.


Instructors: Don Curry, RCIC, M.A. and Kyle Broda, RCIC, M.Ed., M.A.

Special Appearance by Patricia Carr, Coordinator of the North Bay RNIP.

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Language: English


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Event Title: All about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program



  • Introducing the lecturers, course outline and starting questions.
  • Q & A with Patricia Carr, Coordinator of the North Bay RNIP!
  • Why and how RNIP was created.
  • How were the 11 communities selected?
  • How the RNIP relates to Canada’s Immigration Objectives as per IRPA A3(1).
  • The RNIP in IRPA, IRPR, Manuals and Legislation.

RNIP and the Initial Client Assessment 

  • Employer selection criteria.
  • Candidate selection criteria.
  • Is localised immigration an ideal option for your clients?
  • RCIC role in managing client expectations.
  • Assessing the 11 communities in terms of life quality and job opportunities.
  • Typical enquiries about the RNIP from employers and aspiring immigrants.
  • 6 Examples of Candidates: Should an RCIC recommend the RNIP for these profiles?

Break (10 minutes- this time does not count towards the CPD event)

The RNIP Application Process

  • Completing the 70+ pages of RNIP application forms.
  • Tips for obtaining a community selection committee form.
    • Proving ties to the community.
    • Economic development focus.
    • 2 real-life examples of creative ways to prove ties to the community.
  • Tips for obtaining an offer of employment form.
    • IMM 5987, 5984 and 0112.
  • Timelines and avoiding delays.
  • Fees, biometrics, police checks, photos, and medical exams.
  • The (incredible) role of immigrant settlement agencies in the process

Summary: 5 recommendations for advising and submitting RNIP applications. 

The future of the RNIP. 

Q & A 


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