Lizzeth Ruiz

Lizzeth Ruiz

CICC # 508397, MIFI # 11523, B. F.

Lizzeth Ruiz is a Mexican who immigrated to Canada with the idea to start a business. She soon realized that a lot of people want to immigrate legally to Canada with the help of a licensed, professional consultant.

She completed her Immigration Consulting Certificate and passed her ICCRC exam in October, 2012 and is a member of MIDI to represent her Quebec-bound clients. Lizzeth specializes in Spousal Sponsorship, Business people, Citizenship, Students and Express Entry.

Aside from her immigration expertise, Lizzeth specializes in business development for RCICs. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Finance and was recently appointed as a voting member of the SAJE Selection and Approval Committee, a Quebec organization supported by the Government that helps entrepreneurs in launching and growing their businesses.

Lizzeth been one of the instructors and curriculum designers for since 2012. She also conducts conferences abroad on Canadian Immigration requirements to help people prepare for their immigration projects.

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