Hands-on LMIA: 5 CPD Hours

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Hands-on LMIA: 5 CPD Hours

Event Date: This live webinar will be conducted on May 31, 2023, from 12:00-17:45 (Eastern Time).

There was a total of 5 hours of live, interactive webinar time.

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Cost: $150 for this webinar video or part of our CPD Bundle.

Instructors: Kyle Broda, RCIC, M.Ed., M.A. and Nadia Nascimben, RCIC

Attendance: This event will be hosted by live webinar from our offices at 1555 Rue De La Visitation, Montreal (Quebec) H2L 3C2. A video of the event will be available 24 hours after the event is concluded.

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Introduction to the ‘Larger Picture’ 

  • Introducing RCIC Kyle Broda and RCIC Nadia Nascimben
  • Course outline and opening questions
  • Foreign Workers, LMIAs and Employers as described in Canada’s Immigration Legislation
  • Recent news about Foreign Workers, LMIAs and Employers
  • Lessons learned from helping employers bring in more than 300 workers last year

From the initial consultation to the service agreement

  • A walk-through of typical initial consultation questions from employers and how to answer clearly
  • Explaining ESDC compliance inspections and possible outcomes
  • Misconceptions employers have about hiring foreign workers
  • Working through the client checklist
  • The difference between a consultation with an employer vs employee
  • The Initial Consultation Agreement as per Section 23(1) of the CICC Code
  • Managing client expectations as per Section 22 of the CICC Code
  • Not engaging in employee recruitment as per Section 17 of the CICC Code
  • Practical tips regarding clients transitioning (or not!) into retaining your services after this initial consultation
  • The Service Agreement as per Section 24 of the CICC Code
  • Fee structure considerations when working with LMIAs
  • Issues (and solutions!) experienced while representing employers in LMIA processes
  • Time-saving strategy of transitioning an unnamed LMIA into a named LMIA
  • Procedure from recruitment all the way to the Service Canada interview

Step by step Job Bank live demonstration 

  • Employer Account
  • RCIC administrator privileges
  • Submitting job information
  • Using Trend Analysis
  • Going through the job bank with the Employers
  • Understanding ‘stars rating’ and amount of days required for job

Live LMIA Simulation in the LMIA Portal

  • Steps in the client journey
  • Determine the LMIA Stream
  • Client Checklist
  • Advertising
  • Named or Unnamed LMIA
  • Unionized jobs
  • Understanding the job market
    • Examples in Hospitality, Health Care and Construction
  • Red Flag: If the company has already had an ESDC audit
  • Client Assessment NOC Codes, Wages, Duties,
  • Strategizing for if the worker would like to eventually pursue PR
  • Job Bank and Job Match
  • Low wage exemptions
  • LMIA for PR through TEER
  • Transition Plan Example
  • Global Talent Stream Portal
  • Sending the entire application for client approval

Employer Responsibilities according to the Amendments to protect temporary foreign workers 

  • Providing information to temporary foreign workers about their rights in Canada
  • Providing an employment agreement to the temporary foreign worker
  • Prohibit employers from charging or recovering fees
  • Protecting the health and safety of temporary foreign workers
  • Requiring documents from third parties
  • Suspend the processing of a request for an LMIA
  • New assessment requirements for employers applying for an LMIA
  • Wage and labour dispute factors
  • Collecting information regarding compliance with IMP conditions
  • Compliance with provincial or territorial laws that regulate the employment or recruitment of employees
  • Record-keeping
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Activity reports
  • Ad renewal

The 5 Most Common Mistakes and Practical Solutions when working with employers and LMIAs


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