Fast, Localized Immigration Through the RNIP! 2 CPD Hours

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Employment Driven, Localized Immigration Through the RNIP! 2 CPD Hours


RCIC Don Curry is has obtained 100% success for his clients in over a dozen RNIP applications, so this is a very special opportunity to learn how to implement Canada’s newest immigration program into your arsenal of tools! 

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Event Date: This live webinar was conducted on June 10 2022 from 15:00-17:00 (Eastern Time).

There was a total of 2 hours of live, interactive webinar time.

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Cost: $60 for this webinar video or part of our CPD Bundle.

Instructor: Don Curry, RCIC, M.A. and Kyle Broda, RCIC, M.Ed., M.A.

Attendance: This event was hosted by live webinar from our offices at 1555 Rue De La Visitation, Montreal (Quebec) H2L 3C2. You are purchasing a video of this event.

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Language: English

Agenda: This is the breakdown of the event.

Fast, Localized Immigration Through the RNIP! 2 CPD Hours

Introducing RCIC Don Curry and RCIC Kyle Broda

What is the RNIP and who needs it?

RNIP in the laws and regulations

RNIP Statistics and updates 2019-2022 

Lessons learned from 12 RNIP applications with 100% success over the last year

Different roles in the RNIP process

  • Local economic development organization
  • Local Community / Major Employers
  • municipal leaders(s)
  • Local or regional immigrant-serving organization
  • IRCC

COVID effects on the program 

Special Considerations when considering RNIP PR Eligibility Requirements for International Students 

Special Considerations when considering RNIP PR Eligibility Requirements for candidates with Canadian or International Work Experience

Common client profiles and potential issues in the following RNIP selection criteria 

  • Intent to live in the community
  • Designated Economic Development Organization recommendation
  • Education
  • Job Offer
  • Meet employment requirements
  • Language
  • Work Experience or Exemption
  • Proof of Funds

The RCIC role in the RNIP Process

  • Who is the client?
  • How do clients find you?
  • How do they transition into booking an initial consultation?
  • How to maintain competency in the area of RNIP as per section 18 of the Code
  • Saving clients from misinformation and scams
  • Comparing client profile to Express Entry, PNPs vs RNIP

Perfecting the 70+ pages of application

  • Online application vs paper application options
  • Straightforward and complex areas of the RNIP Instruction Guide (IMM 0118) and Document Checklist (IMM 5987)
  • Liaising with the employer for IMM 5984
  • Liaising with the Designated Economic Development Organization for IMM 0112
  • Liaising with the client for the other areas of the application
  • RNIP fees
  • RNIP Processing time

Other immigration procedures related to RNIP clients

  • Study permit extensions
  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Work Permits

RNIP future directions





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