LMIAs Part 3: 4 Hours

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Expired for CICC CPD purposes, but still a great learning tool!
LMIAs Part 3 – 4 Hours.



Event Title: LMIAs Part 3: The International Mobility Program: LMIA Exemptions You Didn’t Know Existed

These webinars have now expired for ICCRC/CICC CPD purposes, but can still be helpful for your general RCIC education!

Event Date: This live webinar was conducted on October 2, 2019 from 11:00 to 15:30 (Eastern Time).

There was a total of 4 hours of live, interactive webinar time.

The 30 minutes of break are not counted as CPD hours.

Cost: $120 for this webinar video or part of our CPD Bundle. 

Instructor: Andrew Carvajal, LL.B / B.C.L., M.A., B.A.

Event Expiry: Here are the recording and expiry dates for ICCRC CPD-reporting purposes.

Attendance: You are purchasing a video of the event. Although you will have access to this video for one year from the date of your purchase, you must watch it before the event expiry date (above) in order to count it towards your 2020 CPD requirements.

Organization: RCICCPD by Full Skills Exam Prep. 

Language: English

Agenda: This is the breakdown of the event.

LMIAs Part 3: The International Mobility Program: LMIA exemptions you didn’t know existed

Initial client assessment (20 minutes)

  • Point of first contact – employer vs. employee
  • Work permit exemptions
  • LMIA exemptions
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • PR alternatives
  • Application particulars

Underlying principles, legislation, manuals, policies (10 minutes)

Definition of work and work permit (10 minutes)

Working in Canada: 3 scenarios (10 minutes)

IMP generally and LMIA Exemption Codes (10 minutes)

Intra-Company Transfers C12 and T24 (20 minutes)

  • Qualifying relationship between Canadian and foreign company
  • Qualifying relationship between transferee and foreign company
  • Qualifying relationship between transferee and Canadian company
  • Qualifying positions
  • Variations to ICTs under international agreements
    • NAFTA/USMCA, Chile
    • Colombia, Peru
    • Korea
    • CETA
    • CPTPP
  • Work permit application particulars

Significant Benefit C10 (20 minutes)

  • Definition of significant benefit
  • Assessing significant benefit
  • Evidence to include in application

Mobilité Francophone C16 (20 minutes: 2 hours total)

  • Location of employment
  • Eligible positions
  • French as habitual language
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Place of application

30-minute break. This time does not count towards the CPD hours.

Reciprocal employment – R205(b) (20 minutes)

  • General application C20
    • Demonstrating reciprocity
    • Recognized reciprocity agreements
  • Youth Exchange Programs – International Experience Canada C21
  • Academic exchanges: visiting lecturers, teachers and professors C22
  • Performing artists C23

Charitable or religious work C50 (20 minutes)

  • Charitable work
    • Employer considerations
    • Position considerations and pay
    • Recognized institutions
  • Religious work
    • Nature of work
    • Position considerations and pay
    • Advantages/disadvantages over authorization to work without a work permit under R186(l)

Spousal Open Work Permit (20 minutes)

  • Spouses of students C42
  • Spouses of TFWs C41
    • Additional provisions under Free Trade Agreements

Common mistakes made by work permit applicants and tips for preparing work permit applications (20 minutes)

  • Cover letter workshop: submit cover letters for review making sure to redact personal information

Employer compliance (20 minutes)

  • Record-keeping
  • Voluntary disclosure

Q&A (20 minutes: 4 hours total)

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