LMIAs Part 3: 4 CPD Hours

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LMIAs Part 3 – 4 CPD Hours.



Event Title: LMIAs Part 3: The International Mobility Program: LMIA Exemptions You Didn’t Know Existed

Event Date: This live webinar was conducted on October 2, 2019 from 11:00 to 15:30 (Eastern Time).

There was a total of 4 hours of live, interactive webinar time.

The 30 minutes of break are not counted as CPD hours.

Cost: $120 for this webinar video or part of our CPD Bundle. 

Instructor: Andrew Carvajal, LL.B / B.C.L., M.A., B.A.

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Organization: RCICCPD by Full Skills Exam Prep. 

Language: English

Agenda: This is the breakdown of the event.

LMIAs Part 3: The International Mobility Program: LMIA exemptions you didn’t Know Existed

Initial client assessment (20 minutes)

  • Point of first contact – employer vs. employee
  • Work permit exemptions
  • LMIA exemptions
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • PR alternatives
  • Application particulars

Underlying principles, legislation, manuals, policies (10 minutes)

Definition of work and work permit (10 minutes)

Working in Canada: 3 scenarios (10 minutes)

IMP generally and LMIA Exemption Codes (10 minutes)

Intra-Company Transfers C12 and T24 (20 minutes)

  • Qualifying relationship between Canadian and foreign company
  • Qualifying relationship between transferee and foreign company
  • Qualifying relationship between transferee and Canadian company
  • Qualifying positions
  • Variations to ICTs under international agreements
    • NAFTA/USMCA, Chile
    • Colombia, Peru
    • Korea
    • CETA
    • CPTPP
  • Work permit application particulars

Significant Benefit C10 (20 minutes)

  • Definition of significant benefit
  • Assessing significant benefit
  • Evidence to include in application

Mobilité Francophone C16 (20 minutes: 2 hours total)

  • Location of employment
  • Eligible positions
  • French as habitual language
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Place of application

30-minute break. This time does not count towards the CPD hours.

Reciprocal employment – R205(b) (20 minutes)

  • General application C20
    • Demonstrating reciprocity
    • Recognized reciprocity agreements
  • Youth Exchange Programs – International Experience Canada C21
  • Academic exchanges: visiting lecturers, teachers and professors C22
  • Performing artists C23

Charitable or religious work C50 (20 minutes)

  • Charitable work
    • Employer considerations
    • Position considerations and pay
    • Recognized institutions
  • Religious work
    • Nature of work
    • Position considerations and pay
    • Advantages/disadvantages over authorization to work without a work permit under R186(l)

Spousal Open Work Permit (20 minutes)

  • Spouses of students C42
  • Spouses of TFWs C41
    • Additional provisions under Free Trade Agreements

Common mistakes made by work permit applicants and tips for preparing work permit applications (20 minutes)

  • Cover letter workshop: submit cover letters for review making sure to redact personal information

Employer compliance (20 minutes)

  • Record-keeping
  • Voluntary disclosure

Q&A (20 minutes: 4 hours total)

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