Here is a list of our CPD events and expiry dates for ICCRC purposes.

Although you will have access to the video of the event indefinitely, you must have watched the video by the end of the expiry in order for it to count towards your ICCRC CPD requirements!

Kindly note that the ICCRC approves videos of events for 90 days after the webinar and may grant an extension for 90 more days on an ongoing basis provided that the information in the webinar is still up to date and valid for RCICs. 

Ref ProviderEvent NameEvent DateCPD HoursFormatExpiry Date
1RCICCPDLMIAs Part 3October 2 20194Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
2RCICCPDRepresenting Students Session 3June 26 20195Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
3RCICCPDRepresenting Students: Sessions 1 and 2June 25 20196.5Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
4RCICCPDLMIAs Part 1 and 2October 4 20195Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
5RCICCPDFix this! Situations (and solutions!) for FNs in CanadaDecember 2 20203Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
6RCICCPDA to Z to PR: Everything RCICs need to know about Representing Clients who need Language ExamsNovember 4 20201.5Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
7RCICCPDAll about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot ProgramOctober 5 20204Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
8RCICCPDQuebec’s Constantly Changing Immigration ProgramsDecember 4 20201.5Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
9RCICCPDPrioritized LMIA and WP Processing for Essential Occupations!December 4 20202Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
10RCICCPDCaring for Caregivers and Nurses: Practical PR Tools and StrategiesOctober 6 20204Webinar/VideoJuly 6, 2021
11RCICCPD2019 OINP Programs, Changes & Opportunities October 3 20190Webinar/Videon/a