Fix this! Situations (and solutions!) for FNs in Canada: 3 Hours

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Fix this! Situations (and solutions!) for FNs in Canada: 3 Hours

Event Date: This live webinar was conducted on December 2 2020 from 16:00-19:15: (Eastern Time).

There will be a total of 3 hours of live, interactive webinar time.


Cost: $90 for this webinar video or part of our CPD Bundle.


Instructors: Marjorie Quintos, RCIC and Kyle Broda, RCIC, M.Ed., M.A.

Expiry: These webinars have now expired for ICCRC CPD purposes, but can still be helpful for your general RCIC education! Here are the recording and expiry dates.

Attendance: This event will be hosted by live webinar from our offices at 1555 Rue De La Visitation, Montreal (Quebec) H2L 3C2. A video of the event will be available 24 hours after the event is concluded.


Organization: RCICCPD by Full Skills Exam Prep/

This organization is a recognized CPD provider by the ICCRC and the Law Society of British Columbia.


Language: English


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Agenda: This is the breakdown of the upcoming event.


Event Title: Fix this! Situations (and solutions!) for FNs in Canada

Introduction (2 minutes)

  • Introducing the lecturers, course outline and starting questions. (10 minutes)
  • What are the 3 common situations for FNs in Canada who seek representation? (3 minutes)
    1. People who need study, work, visitor permit and extensions. (5 minutes)
    2. People who want to change from a Visitor Permit to a Study or Work Permit. (5 minutes)
    3. People without status. (5 minutes)
  • Who needs a Temporary Residence Visa/Permit, Work Permit, Study Permit? Why? (5 minutes)
  • TRV, TRP, SP, and WP in IRPA and IRPR: R7, R12, R74, R183, R186, R190, R220 (3 minutes)
  • How these topics relate to Canada’s Immigration Objectives as per IRPA A3(1). (2 minutes)
  • Scenario #1-5: Match the situation with whether or not the person needs a TRV, TRP, SP or WP. (5 minutes) (45 Minutes Completed)

Managing the Initial Client Assessment (2 minutes)

  • Practical tips on handling enquiries from FN who are in situation 1,2,3. (10 minutes)
  • Professional ethics and standards when strategizing to help clients in scenario 6-10. (3 minutes)
  • Scenario #6: FN in Canada who overstayed his/her SP, but didn’t study or work without authorization and now wants to re-establish status. (2 minutes)
  • Scenario #7: FN in Canada who came as a tourist, overstayed, and has been working illegally. (3 minutes)
  • Scenario #8: FN who was confused because they thought their visa is valid for 10 years. (2 minutes)
  • Scenario #9: FN who used multiple passports. (3 minutes)
  • Scenario #10: FN who came to Canada as a Visitor but now wants to switch to a WP or SP. (5 minutes)

The Common Client Questions about Re-establishing or Extending Status (and how to answer professionally!) (15 minutes) (90 Minutes Completed)

15 minute break: This time does not count towards CPD hours.

TRP and TRV Practical Tips and Procedures (5 minutes)

  • The 4 TRV Types, Exemptions, Requirements and Procedures inside vs outside Canada. (5 minutes)
  • Restoration of Status: R182 (5 minutes)
  • What happens at the border when a person leaves and returns to Canada to change status? (5 minutes)
  • Fees, Locations, Timeline to Results. (5 minutes)
  • COVID-19 changes. (5 minutes)
  • Biometric Issues and Solutions. (5 minutes)
  • How understanding these topics helps RCICs help their clients. (5 minutes)

Avoiding Ethical Issues (5 minutes)

  • Managing Client Expectations. (5 minutes)
  • Avoiding potential issues with clients who engage in violations of IRPA/IRPR. (5 minutes)
  • Common areas of misguidance and misinformation with clients and status. (5 minutes)


Review + Scenarios (15 minutes)


Q & A (15 minutes) (180 minutes completed = 3 hours)


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